Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Trip Update: HaShem had other plans...

We're still at Florida Caverns State park....

As we were pulling out this morning the truck started coughing and spitting. We didn't what was up... so we returned to the campground, figuring that HaShem had something new for us here (or that a major repair was coming). We asked the rangers here for a mechanic recommend and went where they said: RoadMart. We explained our problem to Adam, one of the mechanics, and soon he returned with the info. A spark plug wire had come undone somehow! That was it. We asked what we owed them and they said Nothing! Ya'll have a great vacation! Baruch HaShem! Other than the Daytona Beach Boardwalk parking garage (see last entry) everyone we've encountered here in Florida have been great. Now sure why HaShem wanted us here for another night... there are many possibilities (maybe we would have been in an accident, maybe gotten stuck if the truck had died, maybe we're supposed to meet someone... who can say. What we can say is Baruch HaShem! AND thank all of you who have been praying on out behalf. We have a couple of weeks left on this trip and you continuing prayers are certainly requested and appreciated.

Unless HaShem has other plans, we expect to leave here again in the morning and drive to Dallas.

Shalom and thanks to everyone.

~ Rabbi Yochanan


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