Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Needs To Be Done To Save The Republic? Your Opinions Invited!

This question was posed in Robust Debate group and I thought it might be interesting to discuss it here as well.

What needs to be done to save the Republic?

I think the following would be good places to begin (in no particular order other than the first two which are most important in my opinion:

1. Dethrone Barry Sotero (aka Obama), jail him for fraud and for engaging in an illegal takeover of the United States, and then if he ever gets out deport him to his own country, Indonesia and bar him from the US for life.
1 A: investigate and indict ALL party leaders (Democrats and Republicans) who knew Barry Sotero was not qualified to be president but remained silent.

2. Dismantle the Federal Reserve, IRS, and federal income tax system and refund a significant percentage of the stolen money to the American tax payers. This would make the US the richest nation on earth again and would solve most of our economic problems.

3. Try every member of Congress for treason against the US. Imprison those found guilty (probably about half of the them) and impeach the rest for allowing this to happen.

4. Imprison Bush and Cheney for war crimes and crimes against humanity and for high treason.

5.Abolish the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act.

6. Remove the so-called Supreme Court and replace them with justices who will uphold the US Constitution. Those complicit in treason (for example appointing Bush president when he lost the election, allowing "Obama" to be enthroned when he is not "natural born" nor even an American citizen etc)

7. Re-commit and solidify the US commitment to Israel.

8. Deport ALL illegal immigrants beginning with Muslims, then members of LaRaza and work your way through from there.

9. Freeze ALL citizenship applications until the Republic is restored and most Americans who want to and can work have good stable jobs.
9 A: We have enough people now. Once the Republic is restored immigration should be very rarely granted and only when the applicant has something of great benefit to offer the nation.

10. Bar non-media corporations (GE, Disney etc) from owning NEWS media outlets in the US and bar all media outlets from owning or controlling more than two media outlets (tv, newspapers, radio) in any given market.

11. Conduct a FULL and INDEPENDENT investigation of 9-11 and imprison all co-conspirators (including Marvin Bush, W Bush, Cheney etc. etc.).

12. Imprison ALL US military personnel (including CIA, Blackwater, soldiers, wardens etc) convicted of conducting torture. As was confirmed in the Nuremberg trials following orders is no excuse for nor justification of torture etc.

13. Leave the UN immediately and add a Constitutional Amendment forbidding the country to ever again enter into ANY agreements or associations that threaten our national sovereignty or promote a one world government.

14. Repeal ALL laws and executive orders associated with or related to the:
    1983: La Paz Agreement
    1993: Border regional XXI
    1994: NAFTA
    1994: First Summit on NAFTA
    1996: NASCO
    1998: Second FTAA Summit
    2001: Pastor's Book"
    2001: Kansas City Smart Port
    2001: Third FTAA Summit
    2004: Trans-Texas Corridor
    2005: CAFTA
    2005: Bush's order granting WHO total control of US in the event of a pandemic
    2008: Stationing US troops on US soil in violation of Pose Comitatus.
    2009: Barry Sotero's London concessions

15. Repeal Roe V Wade and pass a Constitutional amendment protecting children: Outlaw all abortions except when the life of the mother is in certain jeopardy.
15 A: Convict ALL Abortionists of first degree murder. Penalties: Those who committed murder under Roe V Wade should have their medical license permanently revoked. Those who commit this heinous crime after Roe V Wade is repealed should be treated like any other child murderer.

16. Outlaw the selling of baby parts.

17. Re-affirm and enforce the religious liberties of all Americans to practice their faith as they see fit within Constitutional limitations.

18. SEVERELY restrict the authority and powers of the CIA, NSA, FBI etc. etc.

19. Dismantle the Department of Homeland (in)Security and sentence Tom Ridge to prison for treason.

20. Outlaw and remove ALL spy and surveillance cameras from public areas.

21. Enforce the laws that demand court orders based on evidence for wire taps etc.

22. Enforce the laws forbidding government officials from taking part in groups like Club Bilderberg.

23. Declare the CFR, the World Federalist Association, Club Bilderberg, and all such groups terrorist organizations and ban them from the US.

24. Stop ALL US wars and occupations and bring our troops home immediately.

25. Secure our borders and ports and seriously prepare for war with al Ikhwan (the Muslim Brotherhood) to defend ourselves and, if Europe comes to its senses in time, to help them drive the Ummah off the Continent again. History is repeating but as of now we have no "Charles Martel" (grandfather of Charlemagne) to save Europa from the Ummah. The U.S. should ASSIST the nations of Europa in expelling the Ummah from their lands once the US Republic is secure.

26. A major spiritual revival: Faith in and commitment to GOD is what enabled the US to maintain its liberty for 200 years of so. Now that the US is an Agnostic, Secular Humanist country it is falling. This is not a coincidence.

27. Renounce the Project for a New American Century and declare it and its promoters traitors to these United States.

28. Restore Habeas Corpus protections.

The list of what needs to be done to restore the Republic is endless BUT none of the things on this list are going to be done. We are going to fall hard and soon. We need to prepare as much as possible.

Capitalism is dead.
Communism is dead.
Luciferian Global Corporatism is emerging to replace both.

The US has been controlled by Globalist (NON-JEWISH for the most part!) bankers since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was snuck in during Christmas Break of that year. As the well known Elitist warned:

"Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws" --- Mayer Amsched Rothchild, a prominent European banker in the eighteenth century

Now we are falling.

IF the US is to survive it MUST break off, block and roll back ALL efforts at globalization. This does not mean isolationism. It means THIS sovereign nation working at times with other sovereign nations when there is common cause... HOWEVER NEVER at the cost of ANY sovereignty of ANY of the nations. Independent nations form an essential system of checks and balances. A one world government WILL BE a global dictatorship that none can successfully resist. The US must affirm its absolute sovereignty as an independent nation of laws and justice while affirming the absolute sovereignty of all other independent nations. It must stop meddling in the affairs of other countries.

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