Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drybones On Georgia/US Attacks

Note that GEORGIA started this by invading Russian territory!

Were there tensions in the region? Of course! No one is questioning this, BUT Georgia started this, not Russia! Why would little Georgia invade Huge Russia? They would not have done this on their own.

Things MAY be calming down now, for now, but if the NWO attacks Russia in another sneak attack from Ukraine or some other former Soviet state the US will say, "See, Russia is doing it again!" and the Sheeple will say, Let's nuke them!

International events and political intrigue seldom happen in a vacuum anymore, if they ever did. As President Saakashvili publicly stated (see my 2nd blog back), what is happening in his region is all part of the coming New World Order.

As is more often than not the case, I agree with this latest Drybones commentary.

What Yaakov Kirschen doesn't mention however is that behind the scenes the Bilderberg Group is orchestrating these tensions for their own purposes.

A few people have written me accusing me of being unpatriotic or even treasonous for not accepting the official US government propaganda on this. This is not surprising, but it is disheartening. Eight years after the Cheney/Bush government pulled off the 9-11 attacks, seven years after they pulled off the WMD lies and invaded and occupied Iraq, during the on-going disinformation as they are seeking to justify an invasion in Iran... it is mind boggling that the American Sheeple and others would believe ANYTHING coming from the illegal, never elected Bush Junta!

But apparently they are buying it!


"But Russia is not respecting international law!" Bush decries!


Bush and his Democratic sycophants have NO respect for national OR international law! They have NO respect for national sovereignty even of our own!

But Putin defended his people living in South Ossetia, Shame on him!

Now Bush is warning Russia to stay away from the Ukraine....

More to come!

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