Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Bitch Is Back

The Bitch Is Back!
No not her... the song!

... But while we're on the subject...

You may recall that after Obama was nearly universally declared the winner of the Democratic primaries I said I wasn't so sure... that I expected Hillary to make a last minute move to steal the nomination... Guess what...

... She's Baaack...

Hillary is placing her name into nomination!

"But its just for show... to give her supporter "closure..."

Are you sure? Consider this:

Total Delegate Count:

Obama: 2229.5

Hillary: 1896.5

Pledged Delegates:

Obama: 1766.5

Hillary: 1639.5

This means 127 Delegates have not yet pledged.

Consider this:

Hillary 1639.5 + 127 = 1766.5!!!

Current Super Delgate Count:

Obama: 463

Hillary: 257

Source for delegate count:

All KINDS of possibilities here!

Forget the Prophecies
Forget the Bilderberg Group
Forget the Illuminati

Would You Put Such A Last Minute Upset Past This Demon Possessed Mass Murderer and Traitor?

Of course it COULD also be a shell game.

Consider this:

Several people in the know, such as Lindsey Williams, have said the Elite have already decided to put McCain in White House and will create any instability they deem effective to get the American people to vote for McCain.

Imagine this scenario:

The Clinton Bilderberg faction pulls off this coup against the Obama CFR faction.
Obama supporters rebel (as ALL Americans should have when Bush stole the White House) and riots break out around the country.
As these intensify Bush declares matial law and remains dictator making the election moot.

Add into this equation war with Russia and the die is cast. The American Sheeple by and large would applaud this formal dictatorship.

Pretty reasonable possibilities don't you think?

I'm not predicting this scenario either, but as I keep saying with all such posts, the possibilities for our demise are far greater than the possibility for our survival.

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