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BBC: New Front on the US War On Terror

Cheney and Bush Declare War On Russia!

Is This The Beginning Of World War Three?
Is This The Birth Pangs Of The Coming Antichrist?

What is going on?

Here's My Opinion:

The US junta government is obviously a willing tool of the Illuminati Globalists. They are destroying what remains of the "free world." This is merely another step along the road.

Notice how this conflict is aimed at strengthening the unity of Europa while antagonizing Russia against the US. This is a Key.

This conflict could very easily spread into a global war that only a Rex Mundi (world king) could resolve. If such a leader arises and establishing global security after such a multi-issue confrontation, he would be hailed as the Prince of Peace!

The Russians are in part upset because of the way the US and Georgia have been negotiating regional power and bases in the ongoing US Terrorist Wars against the Islamic Ummah. The US has repeated and systematically disrespected Russian sovereignty, reputation and security. The US junta leaders have consistently "thumbed their noses" at Russia and these insults may now be coming home to roost. In my posts about the planned US missile programs on the Russian border I predicted this scenario would occur, it was obvious.

This ongoing conflict is uniting the Russian federation and the Ummah as more direct partners against the US.

Communist China has been supporting Ummah activities for years (outside of China). US outsourcing and American consumers of course have made China the most powerful and richest nation on earth. China now has the ability to cripple the United States economically and militarily.

NOW.... this US/NWO started war in Georgia could easily unite Russia, Communist China and the Islamic Ummah against the US. As usual, Europe would offer the US very little if any assistance while maneuvering the EU into the driver's seat. The results would be disastrous for the US and in perfect harmony with the prophets.

It is doubtful that Iran could strike the US with nukes at this time but there is no question Russia and China could obliterate us with the touch of a few buttons. But would they?

Consider this:

BOTH the New World Order Eugenicists AND the biblical prophets tell us that the world population is going to be reduced by 80% or so during the final years of the age. We know this is the Bilderberg Group plan. They publicly acknowledge it.

New World Order Eugenics(3.40 min)

We know the seat of Bilderberg Group power resides in the Bavarian Illuminati Merovingian Elite.

We also know that the coming Rex Mundi will arise from Europa, home of the Illuminati families where they plan to establish their world government.

We know the US is not mentioned in ANY biblical prophecy. It is obvious enough that the only way the US would sit out such momentous events would be if it no longer existed.

We know that Russia, China, the European Union and the Islamic Ummah (indirectly as the Kings of the South) are going to be major players on the world stage according to the prophecies. We can clearly see how they are currently positioning themselves even as Herr Bush The Never Elected sits in China with other globalist Elite leaders, where a Chinese nationalist just murdered the father of one of our coaches (source) and sips wine.

And so as we see this new US-spawned war beginning we nod our heads knowingly....

'The beast is slouching his way towards Jerusalem.'

Get Ready!
Learn the Facts!
Help Get The Word Out!

The Beast is almost upon us.

A few news stories you may have missed:

US military advisers arrive in Georgia

U.S. military adviser Col. Elmer White (left) and Chief of General Staff of Georgia's armed forces Lt.-Gen. Dzhoni Pirtskhalaishvili speak to reporters in Tbilisi
US and Georgia say Americans will not be involved in combat
Five US military advisers have arrived in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, in what is being seen as a possible new front in the US war on terror.

As long as there is al-Qaeda influence anywhere we will help the host countries rout them and bring them to justice

US President George W Bush
At least US six helicopters have also been sent, and unconfirmed US media reports say up to 200 special forces may be deployed.

The US is stepping in because of reports that fighters allied with Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda terror network may have escaped to Georgia.

President George W Bush defended US military plans, after Russia, which has traditionally regarded Georgia as part of its sphere of influence, had criticised the US involvement.

"As long as there is al-Qaeda influence anywhere we will help the host countries rout them and bring them to justice," Mr Bush said.

'New front'

The US and Georgia insist that the Americans will not be involved in combat, but will train the Georgian army in how to counter militant activity.

The helicopters - which arrived last autumn - are not equipped for carrying out air attacks, and will be used only to transport men and equipment, officials say.

However, their deployment is the first confirmed arrival of US military hardware in Georgia.

The US forces will have the right to act in self-defence, said a Pentagon spokesman.

The focus of US attention is the remote Pankisi Gorge, close to Georgia's border with the Russian breakaway republic of Chechnya.

Washington is concerned that the Georgian authorities are unable to control the security situation there.

The US and Russia both believe that al-Qaeda suspects may be hiding in the gorge area, where militants who operate in Chechnya are also believed to be based.

There is no question of a joint operation with another country. We will use only our forces

Irakly Alasania, Georgia's Deputy State Security Minister

But Russian officials are deeply unhappy at the prospect of US involvement, suspecting such co-operation is aimed at reducing their country's influence.

"We think it could further aggravate the situation in the region, which is difficult as it is. That is our position and Washington is well aware of it," Russian Foregn Minister Igor Ivanov told ORT public television.

Georgia has been trying to reduce Russian influence over its affairs, sparking an angry war of words between the two countries over recent months.

Special forces

The BBC's Stephen Eke says co-operation between the former Soviet republics and the US is viewed with suspicion in Russia.

Chechen guerrillas
Allies of Al-Qaeda are said to be hiding in Georgia

The exact scale of the US involvement remains unclear.

Several US media outlets, quoting military officials, have reported that up to 200 special forces could be sent in, but this has not been confirmed by either the US Government or Georgia.

Georgia's Deputy State Security Minister, Irakly Alasania, stressed that all US involvement would be restricted to training.

"There is no question of a joint operation with another country," he said. "We will use only our forces."

Correspondents say the Americans are viewing the Georgian operation as a possible new front against global terrorism.

As well as the operations against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, US troops are actively involved in efforts by the Philippine Government to contain Muslim guerrillas that Washington believes to have links with al-Qaeda.

From February: Russians Angry About US/Georgian activities in the area:


Russia angry at US war plan for Georgia

Security officials from the state of Georgia are worried that American and British forces may attack suspected Islamist terrorists near the Russian border

Security officials from the post-Soviet state of Georgia are expected for talks in London and Washington amid growing signs that American and British forces are gearing up to attack suspected Islamist terrorists holed up in the north of the country, near the Russian border.

But the state department has signalled that Russia is not being considered a participant in the US plans.

Moscow believes it is being marginalised despite its intense pressure on Georgia to allow it to bomb Chechen separatist fighters sheltering in the region. Russia's domestic intelligence chief, Nikolai Patrushev, made a sudden visit to Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, yesterday to discuss a security situation which shows every sign of turning critical.

"We just can't put up with this," said Sergei Ivanov, the Russian defence minister, demanding that Georgia act "promptly and effectively" to establish control over a region he described as a "mini-Chechnya or mini-Afghanistan".

Moscow and Washington say the Pankisi gorge region, by the mountainous border with Chechnya, has been infiltrated by al-Qaida or Taliban suspects fleeing Afghanistan.

Last week a senior American diplomat in Tbilisi said the US planned to train Georgian counter-terrorist forces, and Moscow's Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported that a small group of US military advisers had arrived in the capital on Tuesday.

President Eduard Shevardnadze's government, which had previously dismissed Moscow's claims that the gorge was a lawless stronghold of Chechen militants and foreign Islamists, has angered Russia by turning to the west .

Russia's hardline chief of staff, General Anatoly Kvashnin, insisted yesterday: "Russia and Georgia should jointly eradicate this terrorist centre in the Pankisi gorge."

Rejecting Russian military intervention, Mr Shevardnadze said this week that he was open to dialogue on "future joint action with US special forces in the Pankisi gorge". Valery Khaburdzania, the Georgian state security chief, is expected in London and Washington early next month.

Any US military role would entail intervention directly on Russia's southern border and might also be construed in Moscow as US interference in the Chechnya war.

Yesterday, a group of retired Russian army generals, including a former defence minister, branded Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, a western lackey and traitor for cooperating with Washington in its war in Afghanistan..

"With your [Putin's] blessing, the United States has received military bases in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and, maybe, Kazakhstan," they declared in a published broadside at the Kremlin. "In the long run, these bases are for dealing a strike on Russia, not Bin Laden. We would not be surprised if tomorrow they call you the best American, European or Nato official."

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