Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chuck Baldwin: A real Alternative?

What are your thoughts on Chuck Baldwin?
Here's a few informative videos.
Do you support him? Why?
Do you oppose him? Why?

Vote Chuck Baldwin for President and Bring Down the NWO!

Why Vote Chuck Baldwin instead of McCain or Obama (the "Evil of Two Lessers")

Chuck Baldwin on Marijuana & Foreign Policy

Dr. Chuck Baldwin on National ID Card, Fed, IRS, and Iraq

Chuck Baldwin on Military Issues

There are a few key areas where I disagree with Chuck Baldwin, for instance he is opposed to same gender marriage rights, but all and all, I think he might good.

The problem is, a problem is, he has less chance of being elected than Ron Paul had!

However, voting for "the evil of two lessers" has always bothered me. There is a saying, "man proposes, God disposes." Considering the fact, and it is a fact, that BOTH McCain and Obama are globalists who support the destruction of our nation, perhaps voting for the lesser of two evils is immoral and unethical. If the lesser of two evils always wins then we will always be ruled by evil leaders.

Maybe Chuck Baldwin is worth voting for. It is POSSIBLE that the Sheeple could awaken and restore our republic. Once the government is hands of the nationalist we can work towards same gender marriage rights etc.

As of now, I am looking for more information on Mr.Baldwin. Alex Jones is supporting him, which carries a lot of weight with me, but thus far I have not managed to discover his views, nor those of the Constitutional Party regarding a US commitment to Israel. This is a KEY issue for me.

But Baldwin looks interesting.

Any information on thoughts about him? Please share it here, pro or con.

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