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12.21.2012: The Mayan Calendar, Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance:

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What to Expect on Dec. 21, 2012
The Mayan Prophecies: Another Q & A
With Jagannatha Prakasa Adhikari (John of AllFaith)

Subject: December 21, 2012

Question: Guruji, Is it true that the world is going to end on that date?

My reply:

Namaskar Prasun

No, the world is not going to end then.

The 2012 date is primarily based on the Mayan Calendar -- although the Fall of 2012 is also referenced in various possibly related ways by other sources including the I Ching, the Hopi People and even NASA says there may be a Perfect Space Storm that COULD be Catastrophic to life on Earth on that date.

According to the Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) Scriptures our present age (Kali Yuga) still has about 428,000 years before it ends (with the arrival of Lord Kalki) and Satya Yuga (the First Age) begins anew. According to the Sanatana Dharma the world will never end completely (although it is occasional 'purged' and re-enters the Brahman effulgence for a time. At best we are approaching the end of an age, not of the world.

In general terms the Mayan Haab Calendar itself ends on this date. There simply are no dates following 12.21.2012. This does NOT mean or even suggest that the world will end on that date as many are assuming. Understanding this will require more study on your part than I can offer here, but in a nutshell the Mayans view time as a 'cone' of sorts that is larger on the bottom and smaller on the top (this is reflected in a wheel as in Hinduism). With each passing year "time" or better the perception of "time" restricts or narrows so that the perceived passage of "time" becomes more compact and hence seems to pass faster as a restricted hose sends out an ever stronger water flow.

The Mayan calendar uses three different systems of counting the passage of "time":

  • The Long Count
  • The Tzolkin (divine calendar)
  • The Haab (civil calendar). Only the Haab calendar calculates the length of the year so this is the one we are speaking of.

The perception of "time" (which of course has no objective reality) and what is accomplished within its perceived parameters is being "compacted." 5000 years ago change/advancement/shifts happened (perceptually) very gradually. Decades would pass without any notable change occurring. However as "time" began "running out" or drawing towards the last date of the calender: Dec 21st 2012, or reaching the peak of the "cone" (however this is conceived) it appears to be traveling at a much faster pace and (energy) rate with much more happening within it. This is why we now have such breakneck advancements and social shifts.

Contrast the technological advances from say 1200 -1611 CE with the rapid pace of advancement from say 1947 to the present. There's no comparison. What took place in over 400 years now place within a couple of years. This is evidence that "time" is not what it used to be. Perceptually it is "speeding up."

This rapid increase of "time" was realized and discussed long before most people had ever heard of these prophecies in the book and movie Future Shock (which can be seen here for free: http://johnofallfaith.multiply.com/journal/item/973 (scroll to the bottom of the page for the complete film). Its also described in the movie Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance:

As for what these and possibly related prophecies say will happen in 2012:

    No one knows for sure.

The general idea is that "change" and "time" will be moving so "quickly" that our conscious minds won't be able to keep up. People will become increasingly stressed out and out of balance as "life" seems to speed by at breakneck speed resulted in a sort of mental psychosis that, even now, seems evident in many people as they stare blankly at their lives as if in a daze. And then...

This COULD result in a "paradigm shift" by which humanity will be "accelerated" to a new "time" or be transformed or make an unprecedented "evolutionary leap" into a level of new consciousness and social paradigm (as in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius as our age -- Pisces -- ends, as taught by many New Age theorists as well as certain Eastern sects in various terms and ways).

Others believe this coming shift may herald a time of severe darkness the likes of which the world has never known, in which all existing social structures and concepts are demolished and crushed as humanity, in a sense, is plunged into a new Dark Age... but finally relaunches civilization from scratch (as implied by the Biblical prophets).

Others believe this is all nonsense, that any calendar that specifically numbers years (unlike modern calendars where the next year is automatically calculated to continue) must eventually run out. It means nothing they say.

What I can say for certain is that December 22nd 2012 will dawn and life will continue on this planet.

We'll have to wait and see what happens exactly.

Whatever the implications of 2012 (if any), I personally don't believe they will be confined to that one day. This is a pattern of transition.

Hope this helps,

    ~ Jagannatha Prakasa
    ~ John of AllFaith
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