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Forty Years Ago This Month I Had A Vision: Part Two of Two

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True Stories
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By John of AllFaith

Forty Years Ago This Month: My 1969 Vision
Part Two of Two

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Next a series of events and images passed through my consciousness (rather than passing before my eyes). I "saw" the Masters and "received" some instruction or word from each, but this information was more a knowing than a seeing. Its difficult to describe.

Some things I was not shown, some things I was shown but will not include here. Many of the things I was shown would only be of interest to me so I will forgo mentioning those as well (people so often say my posts are too long as it is hehe) but I will now share some of the things I witnessed that may be of interest. There was more but will present the salient ones.

I saw myself being initiated into many different religions and lodges and I understood that I would only maintain association with one of these as the years advanced (and it is not one which a person "joins"). This has been the case. I do not subscribe to any established religious or spiritual tradition. I accept what God has shown me. I call my views AllFaith Spirituality but that's only another label.

I saw myself in Florida training and initiating a certain man into the service of God and later beheld a snowy deserted mountain road where he would leave me in zero degree weather in the dead of night and drive away. There I would be forced to struggle with demons to survive. Both occurred. And I was shown that we would reconnect prior to the dawning of the Dark Days, and after twenty some odd years we did a couple of years ago. What is yet future for us is yet future however the Hinderers have been more successful than frankly I expected and so as the Master said, "many are called, few are chosen."

I beheld tidal waves of human and animal blood washing through the streets of North American cities and a voice cried out that America is no more.

I saw hundreds or thousands of people crucified and left to die in city after city and I asked who had done this and was told, "They did it to themselves." I asked how and why and was told, "Some for the love of God and others for the lack of God's love."

I saw a huge explosion in Southern California (a nuke) and I watched as wounded people like zombies emerged from the smoke and debris and with shuffling steps made their way north.

I heard the call to Azaan (Muslim prayers) echoing throughout the world and I saw sows that had been gutted from the rear and people were being shoved inside them and sewed up and left in the fierce heat of the sun. I move to one of them and heard a woman crying and I wanted to rip open the hog and release her but a man with a rifle approached and said, "We do not touch pork! Die in silence!

I then looked up and beheld lights flashing across the sky like lightning. Mud began raining down onto the earth. I stared into the sky seeking to understand where the mud had come from, but I was covered by it and had to seek refuge lest I drown so thick was the mud on the earth.

I saw the earth quake violently and Washington DC was washed away into the rising ocean while a shout of triumph arose in celebration around the earth.

I saw bright red beasts like centaurs with fangs galloping across the earth and their hoofs shook the land and their laughter deafened the ears. In their left hands they carried long, curved swords and with these they would chop off people's heads randomly and the blood of their victims made a foul odor.

I heard the gurgling sounds of feeding infants and turned and saw many of them laying in the dirt sucking on slime coated bottles. Blood splattered out from the nipples in their mouths and ran down onto their pale skin and the blood burned them and many had blisters from the blood.

I turned away and cried and ran for I could do nothing to help them and I climbed a steep hill to escape. From the top I looked down into a deep valley like a crater. As I approached it I saw that it was filled with dead babies like a cooling volcano crusted with lava. Some of the babies were whole and others were so torn asunder that only diverse parts were recognizable: arms, legs, heads (and the heads were especially desirable!)... Demons scampered along among the corpses and they gathered the body parts, often ripping them apart with gleeful laughter. They sucked at heads and made a sickening sucking sound. Some parts they ate and others they stuffed into large white bags that seemed to have no limits to how much they hold and the bags never became dirty or stained. And then the scene changed and there were walls and ceilings and I heard classical music. I saw entire families and couples in lust sitting at table in fancy restaurants. Well dressed waiters carried huge crystal covered silver trays with one hand. When the lids of these were opened for the pleasure of the diners they served the dead babies to the well dressed people. I heard the diners comment on how much fresher these babies are than the older children. "As tender as choicest veal." And the pleased diners paid their compliments to the chef who sipped a glass of human blood and nodded his thanks.

And I saw women, thousands of women, millions... dancing in the streets of a big city nearly frenzied in their excitement. Some were topless, others wore business suits or jeans and shirts or dresses and I approached one of the women who had hair like a lions mane and asked what the celebration was about. She looked at me and replied, "The courts have ruled we can kill our children and devour their flesh!" and I screamed and ran away in disgust. The revelers pointed and laughed at the sight.

[This demonic court decision happened in 1973 of course, Four years after my vision. I had never heard nor contemplated the possibility of such a thing happening at that point.]

And then from above I saw a giant star crashing down in the middle of the US and a wave of black sound came from it and caused even the coastal towns of both coasts to sway and rock and I heard a loud voice that proclaimed, "God has abandoned this land!" and I knew that was righteous and deserved but I fell to my face and cried, "Will He abandon me as well?" because He was my only hope. Then was granted a knowing that God would never abandon those who seek Him. I gave thanks and determined to continue my quest.

And a Dark Cloud covered North America [this happened in 1973] and it remains in place to this day. Many have seen, perceived and spoken of this Dark Cloud. From the Dark Cloud issues demons and evil 'pulses' and influences that drive the people and destroys their minds. And the people desire these demons and their pulse more and more with each passing day. I then understood that God had not abandoned the US, the US would abandon God.

Righteous and true was and shall be His judgments on the United States and on the people of the earth.

And there was a roaring sound from deep under the earth, a rupture that should not have been but was. One of the Great Lakes (at least) caught fire and the steam was noxious and many who breathed it died. Firemen tried to put out the fire but they only made it worse and the fire belched forth dark maroon lava and something green and vile. I watched as Chicago burned to the ground and massive fields of food burned throughout the Midwest. Most of those who survived the fire and the air yet starved and their skin was green from the air. Some of those who salvaged and ate the foods from these fields found the food was not filling. The more they ate the more they craved and with full and bloated bellies many fell dead to the earth for want of sustenance. And some drank water from other lakes and streams but the water was poison. They held their stomachs in agony and they cried and screamed and cursed God whom they blamed. But God did not bring forth this plague. It was man who altered nature not nature's God. And then an Angel said this is wormwood the rest will not die. But a man who was listening ran to the angel and sought to grab him but fell before him instead. With tears he begged, "Please let us die!" but the angel said, "That time is not yet ripe."

And the sound arose of machines and wheels and gears and a great army in trucks and tanks and jeeps, on foot and on horseback and helicopters and jets. These made their way across America from lands to the West where dwelt the Beast. These had but one question to ask and everywhere they asked that question. Then I knew great fear. And after the answers were given the armies gave the people bottles: some red, some blue, some green. And the people who drank from the red bottles died agonizing deaths in moments while those who drank from the blue bottles died slower and with less pain and this they deemed to a kindness.

I asked a soldier what the question was and what was the correct response. He said, "if you know the question you must answer it!" And I asked him, "What is the answer" and he replied, "There isn't one!"

And then I understood that all hope was gone and that no answer would suffice. I screamed into the heavens for justice but the heavens were silent for a half hour and I sat on the ground and wept.

And then I arose and ran and as I ran I screamed and I ran as fast as I could and I wouldn't stop lest the question be asked of me or I hear it asked of another.

And then in France I saw the Statue of Liberty and then I knew I was not seeing correctly because its in New York but a man said no, that is the duplicate this is the real one. He spoke in French but I knew what he said and it was then that I knew the Tower had fallen at last and then I knew the card held in the hand of Linda, my Master my Love. And so I wept bitter tears for how had I not seen it before! But the crown of the statue began to glow green and a green mist and familiar odor -- that turned my stomach -- and green heat began spreading out from the statue and covering the land and people began to die but a man appeared just then and he raised his hands and said, "No! this place is under my protection." I asked a woman carrying a wicker basket with something warm inside who the man was and she said, "He is the man who wrote the question" and I looked at the basket and in it was death and so I ran and as I did I ran across Europe and everywhere I ran I saw that the people were made of wood not flesh and blood. They looked like misshapen wooden carvings and together they marched in unison, first one way, then another and they left splinters behind them on the ground and those splinters were sharp and could cut and main and kill. And they cared not where they marched to, be it to the east or to the west, only that they marched.

Suddenly there was a military group of soldiers made of flesh that slipped from their bones and had to be adjusted from time to time lest it trip them and cause them to fall behind me, and I knew I had been spotted so I joined the line of wooden marchers and mimicked their movements and we marched and marched until I was exhausted and could march no more. I asked one of them when we got to sleep.

And suddenly everything was very quiet. Then the one asked turned his head towards me very slowly and gradually his mouth opened and it emitted a loud, piercing tone that hurt my ears and caused my eyes to water.

"Quiet!" I shouted but the noise grew louder and louder and I ran but something hit me in the back of the head and I flew forward for miles from the impact before landing hard on the ground and I was surrounded by the wooden people and they reached out their splinters to poke me. They pointed at me and scoffed and I could not understand their speech but I saw the card in Linda's hand and then gradually I began to understand their garbled words. They mumbled: Er ist ein Jude! And I tried to keep them away while shouting Nein!

Then something happened and...

And all of existence was dark and cold and smelled of mold and I was alone but somehow with several others I could not see and I pondered the words: Er ist ein Jude! But I didn't know what they meant but I thought the words were important. There was a question, I recalled... but failed to find the connection.

And then I heard a voice in the darkness and I tried to listen, to understand, but he spoke in a language I could not make out but it was surely something I knew was of importance so I strained my ears to hear and wished I had taken Linda's card with me when I left. The voice asked in a pleading tone, "Kennen Sie die Antwort?" I repeated it over and over but did not understand.

And then Jesus said: "Before." And there was noise and a shaking.

"Before?" I asked, but he did not reply. Before what?

I waited for a reply and when none came I shouted out loudly, "Before What!" only it came out, "Vor was?" and one voice bid me be quiet while another whispered, "Kennen Sie die Antwort?" and I knew what the answer to the question was and I wept because I also knew why it didn't matter and why it hadn't mattered before. But another man replied instead; he said, "Before this." But to which one of us he spoke I wasn't sure. I knew the answer and I knew it didn't matter before and as I listened the voice from before this one I was reminded and I understood and nothing else has ever mattered. Then in German the man asked "Kennen Sie die Antwort?" ("Do you know the answer?") And I replied, "Wir sind alle Juden! Suchen Sie Gott!" ("We're all Jews my friend, seek God!").

But the man refused to hear and he replied "How should I know the answer?"

And the other man said something obscene and then Jesus said, "Before."

And I smelled something unpleasant and wondered what it was. It was familiar, unpleasant but familiar. But a wind had come up that cut like a knife and it was too cold to worry about smells and questions and answers and too dark to see so I covered my head under my torn jacket and some old newspapers and someone elbowed me in the ribs just then and I rolled over and repositioned my shivering body.

And then a 'rata tat tat' and a man was going down the rickety stairs, almost falling in poor light and dogs were whining and barking and then there was an explosion and the man's brains splattered onto the walls as the dogs went insane and howled and barked and tried to get to the blood to lap it up and then it was unbearably hot, so hot, and I was falling facing first, falling into a ditch, I couldn't stop...

And then I looked up and Jesus was standing there, his arms outstretched and he said, "And again."

But as I gazed into his face I knew there was still a question left unanswered, something still was not right. I knew I had forgotten something critical.

And Jesus said, "And still" and I sobbed.

    [As a few of you may recognize from my other writings, this experience, from the smell of urine to the falling into the ditch is part of my lifelong recurring dream that I had for the first time a couple of months after this vision. The two are obviously connected. In my previous life I was a Jew and died by mass execution, my body falling into a ditch.]

As Jesus released me I became nauseous and was soon in a gray and dismal city. I knew it was in Europe, Germany perhaps. I was preaching on a street corner. [this is yet future]

But suddenly I was in downtown Atlanta and I was standing in Central City Park preaching [this I did during the late seventies with the Fishers of Men ministry, a few years after the vision].

Then I was carrying something heavy and walking and walking and walking and some people listened while other jeered. [I didn't know what I was carrying in the vision. But it was a 12x6 foot wooden cross which I carried from Atlanta GA to San Antonio Texas and in various other places].

And then dogs were attacked me and I tried to fight them off [I'm not sure of the timing of this].

Next i was back in Europe in the gray city and had just finished preaching and prepared to move on. Down the road I heard another preacher and I knew he was the man I would meet [did meet] in Florida so I went toward his voice and soon we were walking through the city together and the people were afraid and hiding but others brought us food. At one point I said to one such person, "We don't need your food, you should eat it" but my friend said, "They need us to eat it," and we ate.

And then I saw the earth and it was covered with what looked like armies of ants but as I focused, I realized these were people who, like us, were warning others not to listen to the Beast. "He makes a sound and if that sound gets into your head it is very difficult to resist it!" The others like us appeared like small dots and as I watched them moving all over the globe I was heartened and filled with joy due to our numbers but a voice said, "And again" and I wept as I saw the dots blinking out as other dots, blood red ones, surrounded them and I knew they were being martyred in the thousands, the millions and we knew our time would come and that was alright; we hadn't thought to survive, "but please Oh God not yet! There is still much to do!" I looked at my friend and he half smiled and said, "Let's dance" and was comforted because he had Old Man Witty's knowing about him and so we move on.

And we began to dance and others danced and we knew joy then but it would not last.

And then we were in an ancient stone city and I realized we had been there the whole time. we had never been anywhere else. And there was running, and solders, and orders, and crying, and we raised our hands and together went we Home.

And we laughed and looked down and saw that missiles filled the heavens and we heard a piercing scream and the sound of shattering glass and as a Shofar sounded, we were hurling downward into blackness and the smoke and dust and the blood and the urine and the death. Suddenly there was a glorious flash and the air turned blue as a cover seemed to surround the globe and I asked someone (I don't know who) what this meant and she said, Just see! And I looked and as far as the eye could see the bloody and filthy world was being replenished and plants and flowers were blooming and cows were mooing and children were playing and people were rejoicing and the Kingdoms of this world had become the Kingdom of our God.

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