Monday, June 15, 2009

Beware of the Doulike Dating SCAM

Scam Alert

There is a sleezy scam dating site called DoULike that is very deceptive. I was tricked by them on my MySpace account but they may be other places too.

Here's how the scam works.

Someone you know will post a photo of themselves, asking for you to return one of you TO THEM.

You click yes.

You get an e-mail with almost no information asking your consent to send the photo.

This one click then creates an account on the doulike website (and commits you to their TOS agreement etc). They take your profile photo and personal information from, in this case MySpace, and post it to their site without any notice or permission by you that you are creating an account.

Your personal information and photo is then sent out to who knows how many people asking for potential dates to "rank you!"

There is no link to delete your account on their site.
When you write their tech support they tell you how to "deactivate" your account but the information stays up until "our next update" when it will supposedly be removed. Mine is still up since June 10 when they ran the scam on me. Five days and counting.

MySpace replied to my complaint a couple of days later telling me to contact doulike.
They sent a form letter.

I wrote MySpace again, same reply.
I wrote mySpace again and even though I had included the site's URL, my page on their URL etc. I was told to take a screen shot, upload it to Microsoft Paint or Wordand e-mail it as an attachment to Myspace.

Easier to avoid this scam in the first place if you haven't alread been suckered in.

If you don't want to be on their meat market
Do not answer any posts from


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