Saturday, May 30, 2009

40 Brave Soldiers for Christ

Imagine this scenario:

Imagine Christians throughout Southern California and the nation standing united in non-violent solidarity with the banned Home Bible Study Members, all refusing to pay any and all fees to the government relating to religious practices.

Imagine Christians, Jews and others running ads everywhere refusing to bow down to this evil government with specific abuse examples (TV, billboards, newspapers, they post millions of blogs and websites etc.) while unarmed Believers and supporters protectively encircle the house 24/7 with prayers and video cameras keeping it (getting it) in the news while Christians and others throughout the country very publicly announce and begin holding Bible Studies, prayer meetings and even complete church meetings in their homes, on their lawns, on street corners (without blocking the sidewalks mind you)...

Now Imagine the Church of Jesus becoming the Church of Jesus...

Then Imagine at the next elections all those awakening Believers with one accord voting out all those who are working against this nation, the cause of Christ and the security of Israel and indeed insisting on trials for ALL the traitors regardless of their political parties etc.


What would happen then?

Either freedom and the restoration of the Republic...
or martial law.

The time for guns and armed resistance may be (probably is) coming but we aren't there yet.

At this point armed resistance would only result in the martial law and massive bloodshed they are trying to cause.

That's my thoughts on what We The People should be doing now...

The following is a good example of what we need to be preparing for considering what doubtless lies ahead.
Its based on a true story.

40 Brave Soldiers for Christ by Tom Green

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