Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama E-Groups: The New Regional Soviets?

I always appreciate invitations to join various groups. I don't usually accept however because there is just not enough time in the day to do everything I'd like and I'm already on several. I'm sure you can all relate.

One of the areas I am deeply concerned about is the abuses being done by Child Protective Services (CPS) around the country. When I was invited to join a group on this topic I therefore accepted. The purpose of this post is NOT to slam that group and I'm not even going to identify it lest that appears to be my aim.

HOWEVER something I had heard was happening IS happening in that group apparently and it needs to be understood for what it is before ever more people are sucked in.

The introduction to the group includes the following:

... We have been requested by the President to help with the reform of CPS. He has been in personal touch with one of our members and is expecting our help. If you are serious about your criticisms and your desire to see that the corrupt practices of the various children Protective services around the country be stopped, now is the time to act. President and Michelle Obama have the power and the willingness to make the changes we have been fighting for.
But he needs our help to set the wheels in motion.

He has personally requested that we all Direct to him our experiences with CPS.... [emphasis mine]

It goes on to offer contact info for the White House etc.

Here's my response. What do you think about this sort of thing?
Have you been requested to take part in this sort of thing?
Do you agree or disagree with my analysis of this?

johnofallfaith wrote today at 12:26 PM
Thank you for the invitation to join this group. Having read the statement on this page I will not be taking an active part however for the following reasons:

While this is a VERY serious issue and there does exist frequent and severe abuse by governmental authorities like and including CPS that needs to be opposed, Obama is not going to help American families. He and his higher-ups have other plans that run counter to our national well being, as Kissinger recently admitted.

Understand that the local CPS units are obeying the orders passed down to them by the same people who give Obama his orders. Requesting Obama's help to stop child and family abuse is like petitioning Hitler to oppose SS abuses against German Jews. At best its a waste of energy, at worst it will get you and your family targeted by CPS and other government agencies (why are you concerned about this issue? Maybe there is something about your family they need to investigate....). Obama's agenda does not include the well being of the American people, including our children and seniors.

What Obama is doing with this and similar 'community activist' endeavors is the same as the Soviet era regional soviets or the Nazi Judenrat that kept the people there beholden to that corrupt system and in fear of one another. Obama is now creating a system of "American soviets" and is already financing citizens to spy on their fellow citizens -- including turning our own children into spies against their parents and others -- even as genuine aid to children and families in need is being slashed by his administration.

Obama admits himself that he is preparing to implement "preventative detention camps". This in addition to the FEMA camps, the Clergy Response Teams, etc. authorized by the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act and similar legislation.

This request for "help" and "involvement" is just another form of control and a way to identify those who are concerned about this issue.

Thank you for the invitation to join and take part, but this is a very dangerous trend and a most 'slippery slope.'

~ John of AllFaith

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