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My Thoughts on Being Muslim

My Thoughts on Being Muslim

A spiritually eclectic friend wrote saying she has been getting involved with Islam and Sufism (the more mystical form of Islam) more deeply lately. She wanted to know my thoughts about this Path and I thought my reply might be of interest to some of my friends here so decided it post it.

As always your questions, thoughts and polite condemnations are invited.

First, there is much about the deen of Islam and Sufism that I admire. That's why I reverted (I've been a Wahabi and closely associated with the Sufis at various times).

Having said that I found that as a lover of God I could not remain within Islam.

I do not wish to dis the deen to a person growing in that faith and so I am hesitant to say much. But you did ask and so I must be honest.

In my opinion Islam is where Christianity was in the Middle Ages except with today's potentially devastating technologies and weaponry. It believes that only Islam holds the truth and that all devout Muslims are duty bound to reject all other religious and political systems and to support anything done in the name of the deen and ummah.

AND this is what al Qur'an and al Hadith demand. This is not "radical Islam" it is essential Islam.

In my opinion much of what is being done in the name of the deen and ummah is, in a word, evil, anti-God and anti-human.

Historically Islam spreads by sending in the Sufis and other highly spiritual and desirable aspects of the deen and the people accept these because they are hungry for a real experience with God. Once they are Muslims however the negative elements of the deen and ummah always gain control. Leaving Islam is a capital offense in Ummah controlled countries.

The fact is that al Ikhwan (the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood) controls the Ummah and they have stated their intention: the establishment of a global Sharia-based Caliphate. This is not western propaganda this comes from their own documents, such as the Muslim Brotherhood Project which I have posted on here:

  • I do not support the genocide of the Jews.and Hindus.
  • I do not support the forced conversion of Christians or anyone else.
  • I do not support the doctrine of taquiya that justifies any deception to further the cause of Islam.
  • I do not support the harshness and rulings of al Sharia (Muslim Law)
  • I do not support the desecration of holy places such as we witnessed at Bamiyan and elsewhere.
  • I do not support the stoning to death of homosexuals, accused adulterers and others
  • I do not support the stoning to death of women who have been raped as was recently done
  • I do not support the killing of those who convert to other religions from Islam.
  • I do not support the forced prohibition of everything deemed un-Islamic.
  • etc. etc.

There is simply way too much about Islam in practice that I can not and will not support.

In my opinion the negatives of Islam far surpass its positives. I entered the deen with great joy and was thrilled as my fellows Muslims granted me access to private meetings, allowed me to do interviews for them and began training me to be a leader. I was devastating as this training revealed the truth to me of what Islam is doing and planning for the future.

I left Islam for solid reasons.

No offense to you or any individual Muslim is intended by these remarks. There are a great many sincere, loving and devout Muslims in the world, but they belong to a religious and political system that I can not support.

    ~ Muhammad Yahya Saleem
    ~ John of AllFaith
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