Saturday, May 02, 2009

Welcome to May 2! What to expect next

Take this with as many 'grains of salt' as you wish, it can not be sourced:

"This work [i.e the flu] is over. It served its elementary purpose"

"Will it return? Say in the Autumn?"

"Everything returns in its season."

"The [Walpurgis] fires were reminiscent of Nuremberg in its glory. Weren't they beautiful?"

"Over the next couple of months preparations will continue behind the scenes of course however the population will be afforded a respite."

"A respite?"

"Turn your curious eyes to Samhain" [Oct 31] and beyond."

"Will the Plan be finalized at that time?"

[Notable pause] "The Seed has been germinated, planted; it but awaits fruition, culmination. [pause] Did you notice that we now control the weather entire? Of course you did. Behold our showers of blessings. [pause] We've won you know."

What does this mean?
Just sharing.

Enjoy your Summer.

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