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9-11, Obama, Osama, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, al Qaeda, Sharia, Nicolaitanes and More

I've been having an interesting conversation with a friend (bigsmooth451) at the Liberty Republican Club and thought I'd share this bit with my friends here. It related to all the topics in the title and more.

As always, your thoughts are encouraged.

You (i.e bigsmooth451): Perhaps the question is whether President Obama should meet with representatives of the so-called Taliban at all.

JoA: Sheik Obama should not meet with the Taliban for several reasons.
* As an Operative of al Ikhwan (the Muslim Brotherhood) ANY agreements he might make with them would be immediately suspect.

* There are NO moderate Taliban. Its an insulting concept both to the Taliban and to intelligence of the American people. The creed of the Taliban is completely inimical to the well being and safety of the United States and ANY negotiations with them would be completely meaning. Nothing but Taqiyya (Sharia justified deception of the infidels).

* The only legitimate offer of negotiation the bad guys (the US) can offer is compromise or surrender. He wont do the later and the former, as I've said, would be meaningless.

* What Obama should do, but wont, is make a formal announcement that the US wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were unjust from the beginning and that he is immediately withdrawing all US and globalist forces from the theater. AND that this action, while technically a surrender, should not be viewed as an acknowledgment of weakness. That if the Ummah attacks the US or Israel the US will use all means at its disposal to obliterate our attackers. The US has lost these wars, like it lost Vietnam, because these wars are not justified and are, in fact utterly immoral.

He should then proceed to implement the points I list here: those being:

I think the US needs to do several things (not necessarily in this order).

What do you think?
What would you add or remove from my list?

1. Immediately pull out of ALL wars.
2. Immediately declare our absolute support for our established allies, starting with Israel.
3. Immediately pull out of the UN
4. Immediately declare the Federal Reserve a terrorist organization and return control of US currency to the Congress.
5. Remove Obama from office because he is not a natural born US citizen (nor even a citizen) and hence is ineligible to be president.
6. Repeal the Patriot Act.
7. Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security.
8. Triple the taxes on ALL US companies that outsource jobs and add a hefty tax on all imported items owned by U.S. based companies or companies formerly based here.
9. Immediately restore Habeas Corpus protection.
10. Restore the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.
11. Convict and remove ALL sitting members of the US Supreme Court for High Treason for allowing Bush and Obama to act as President and for approving anti-Constitutional measures.
12. Remove all members of Congress who voted to support the illegal agenda of Bush and Obama (which would include almost all of them except possibly Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinitch
13. Fire ALL local police chiefs, sheriffs, fire chiefs, mayors etc. who have allowed the US military to use their positions of trust illegally.
14. Restore Posse Comitatus
15. Return the US economy to the gold and silver standard.
16. Remove ALL aid from ALL countries that refuse to recognize Israel's sovereignty and right to exist.
17. Reaffirm and re-implement the sovereignty of the U.S. States.
18. Outlaw abortion except in cases where the mother's life is absolutely threatened and charge all future abortionists and those who utilize them with first degree murder.
19. Stop ALL immigration into the US until we regain control of our nation economically and security wise.
20 IMMEDIATELY begin deporting ALL illegal aliens from the US (after imprisoning those who are guilty of other crimes as described by US law).
21. Immediately secure all US borders.
22. Outlaw the selling of critical US interests to non-US citizens or companies (including toll roads, ports, prisons, water systems, health care systems etc.).
23. Establish a commission to review all US laws and confirm they are harmonious with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and intelligently appeal those that are not.
24. Abolish the IRS (almost the entire US tax system is illegal).
25. Restore the free media by outlawing media monopolies and government censorship.
26. Immediately pull the US out of NATO
27. Declare English the only official language of the U.S. and require English proficiency of all US citizens and applicants for citizenship.
28. End ALL government interference in the practice of religion
29. End ALL government attacks on religion and religious faith
30. End the granting of "human rights" to corporations and hold the leadership of the companies legally responsible for what their companies do.
31. Allow teachers to teach without federal oversight and dictation.

This would be a good start... Of course much more needs to be done...

You: To those who view the conflict between muslims and Christians as a spiritual battle probably not.Perhaps to pious Christians the conflict is seen to be between Good and Evil.Many muslims have the same view they see the decadence of western civilization and will fight and die to keep that influence from their people especially the young people.

JoA: Most Christians in the West have no idea what Islam is or believes and to my continuing amazement most don't care! Check out the post I did here a while back where I explain what Shahada is. A poster said, "Islam blah blah blah..." and others agreed, 'We just need to kill em all who cares what they believe...' Ignorance is NOT bliss!

Far too many Westerners, including Christians, do view the deen (religion) as evil. It is NOT! It is a FAR MORE pious and devout faith than present day Nicean Christianity in almost every way. While I disagree with many points of Sharia (Islamic law) and how the Ummah (political Islam) is carrying these out, that does not make Islam evil! I have however read and heard many Christians refer to Islam as a cult, as an evil religion, a devil worshiping religion etc. Such Christians have NO idea what Islam is or they would never make such ridiculous comments. -- just my two cents on this.

Islam only exists today because of the lack of Jewish and Christian piety and obedience to God. This is shown clearly in the Torah and Tanack. Had the biblical Hebrews obeyed HaShem Islam would not exist. Had Christianity remained true to the teachings of Master Y'shua and not embraced the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes Islam would not exist today.

Well said my friend, indeed Islam is desperately fighting for the survival of their culture and religion, their morality and their freedom from the global Elite. FOR THIS Muslims deserve our respect. Christianity has crumbled before the onslaught of Secular Humanism while Islam is standing firm, by contrast.

Muslims have witnessed the near destruction of Christianity -- as the biblical prophets foretold would happen to the Church of the End Times:

To the Christians of our generation Master Y'shua himself directly says:

Rev. 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.
19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

Yet the prophecy goes on to show that most will not repent. Most Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Agnostics, Atheists, and others will embrace the coming Rex Mundi as Messiah, as Avatar, as Savior, as Global Teacher, as Maitreya, as Prince of Peace, etc.

And they will be wrong.

I am dumbfounded by the numbers of Christians who cite Romans 13 and say its a sin to resist evil governments! Who are almost celebrating right now because they WRONGLY believe this mess means they will soon be Raptured away... Truly did Prophet Y'shua foretell the Apathy and Hypocrisy of the End Time Church! -- of course there are MANY exceptions... but Nicean Christianity is as good as dead today. By numbers of actual observers of the religion Islam is by far the world's largest traditional religion. By numbers of self proclaimed members it will soon be as well. BUT Secular Humanism and Agnosticism by far surpasses them both combined!

You: As far as I know the taliban are not responsible for attacks against the united states proper.Our original mission there was to get bin laden not pacification and nation building.

JoA: Yes and no. Mullah Omar and al Taliban or "the Students" and Sheik Osama and al Qaeda or "the Base" are both high ranking members (and organizations) of al Ikhwan (the [Muslim] Brotherhood).

After 9-11, it appears, Sheik Osama was living under the protection of al Taliban. According to the official US propaganda al Taliban refused to turn Osama in even though they could have done so when requested by the US and the UN, and that, by US and international law, makes them co-conspirators after the fact.

AND 9-11 -- if we accept the official US propaganda (which I don't) was orchestrated by Sheik Osama under the authority of al Ikhwan. this means -- again if we accept the cover-up -- that both groups were responsible because both work together under al Ikhwan.

BUT after many many hours of research and conversations with many Muslims (in 2001 I was a Wahabi Muslim -- the same sect as Sheik Osama: I left in early 2002) I am convinced 210% that 9-11 was an inside job.

I am in almost complete agreement with Alex Jones on this. The only area where I differ with him on it (to my knowledge) is that I was told by several high ranking imams and others that Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld orchestrated (with the full knowledge of Bush Sr. and Jr. and two of his brothers, Bill Clinton and other key globalists) the attacks and that they hired Osama (a CIA operative during the Afghan/USSR war as you doubtless know) to have the plans flown into the buildings even though it was known that planes could not take down the buildings (indeed building 3 fell in exactly the same way as the Twin Towers without being hit by a plane -- it was supposed to be hit too I am told but that one failed for some reason. Because of the bombs already planted in the building and the other sensitive material and data stored there, they had to pull it, as recordings very clearly indicated as shown in Loose Change and elsewhere).

BTW I haven't actually heard Alex directly address this part, but some "9-11 Truthers" seem to believe the planes were actually empty and flown by remote control, I do not believe that, not sure if Alex does or not. There is footage that supposedly shows the planes landing and disembarking its passengers at a military base after the attacks... I don't know about that part of this, but I believe as I've explained, but we all learn new stuff all the time hopefully.

In exchange for the pilots al Taliban was to be the US/UN/Globalist recognized government of Afghanistan and al Qaeda the recognized military. Afghanistan was to be given most favored nation status and a free hand at pressuring other non-al Ikhwan nations (including Saudi Arabia) to join al Ikhwan more completely -- this seems to be a per-peeve of Osama's, i.e. the degree of complicity between the Saud Royals and the New World Order.

After the attack these Muslims believe the US betrayed that promise. I agreed with them at the time but now am not completely certain. SOME Muslims are now offering a slightly modified scenario that seems to have merit.

SOME of these knowledgeable Muslims who I have managed to talk with in the last couple of years (which is not easy because leaving Islam carries a mandatory death sentence as I have been warned a few times) now believe they were mistaken. That the US war of Terror was part of the initial agreement and placing an Al Ikhwan Operative in the White House was the real pay off promised by Cheney and Company. With Sheik Osama in that position and Bush's extreme lauding of him this seems very feasible to me.

So... Now let's consider what it means that Osama is going to be negotiating with al Taliban...

You've probably seen this, but "Loose Change" is one of the best films on 9-11 out there:

Loose Change:

Another good film is "The Ultimate Con(spiracy)" which I have posted here:

You: Like Gen Powell break it you bought it.It's been a 7 year occupation thus far with no end in sight.And for what to catch bin laden?

JoA: Bin Laden was never the target of arrest. He's on the US/Global Union pay roll.

And so it goes...


PS I'm going to post this part of our conversation as my current blog.

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