Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remember what Obama bin Laden said...

And remember what Obama bin Laden said:

Q: Al Qaeda is facing now a country [i.e. the U.S.] that leads the world militarily, politically, technologically. Surely, the al Qaeda organization does not have the economic means that the United States has. How can al Qaeda defeat America militarily?

BIN LADEN: This battle is not between al Qaeda and the U.S. This is a battle of Muslims against the global crusaders. In the past when al Qaeda fought with the mujahedeen, we were told, "Wow, can you defeat the Soviet Union?" The Soviet Union scared the whole world then. NATO used to tremble of fear of the Soviet Union. Where is that power now? We barely remember it. It broke down into many small states and Russia remained...

JoA: Now just 8 short years later the U.S. has more debts than assets for the first time in its history while al Qaeda is heavily funded by al Ikhwan (the group that bought Obama the White House and secured his cousin Ondinga power in Kenya), Saudi Arabia, the U.S. Congress, etc. al.

Ben Laden continued: ... God, who provided us with his support and kept us steadfast until the Soviet Union was defeated, is able to provide us once more with his support to defeat America on the same land and with the same people. We believe that the defeat of America is possible, with the help of God, and is even easier for us, God permitting, than the defeat of the Soviet Union was before…

JoA: Obama is now beefing up the U.S. military forces there in preparation to invade Pakistan.

Ben Laden: … Just as they're killing us, we have to kill them so that there will be a balance of terror. This is the first time the balance of terror has been close between the two parties, between Muslims and Americans, in the modern age. American politicians used to do whatever they wanted with us. The victim was forbidden to scream or to moan.

JoA: April 2-5 the G 20 is meeting in London to decide whether or not the US will even continue to exist! If the World Court and World Bank are granted even half of what they are seeking its over.

I'm just saying.

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