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Nobel-Prize Winner Backs World Currency: Its Almost Here! STAND!

Blog EntryNobel-Prize Winner Backs World Currency: Its Almost Here! STAND!Mar 11, '09 10:25 AM
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Submit yourselves therefore to God.
Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
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Thanks to my friend Anjali for the following two news stories! She posted these on my Blog EntryAnd now for a world government entry.

These are real reports and they are preparing us for the April 2-5 G 20 Meeting in London!

FLOOD your representatives, the media, etc with letters and phone calls demanding the US boycott this meeting and refuse ANYTHING these Globalists pass!

World Luciferian Government is dawning!
Blog EntryAnd now for a world government

Submit yourselves therefore to God.
Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The News:

Agence France-Presse


March 11, 2009 08:06pm

KAZAKH President Nursultan Nazarbayev has won backing for his plan for a single world currency from an intellectual architect of the euro currency, Nobel-prize winner Professor Robert Mundell.

Nazarbayev, speaking at an economic forum in the glitzy new capital he has built on the Kazakh steppe, defended his proposal for the "acmetal'' world currency saying it might "look kind of funny'' but was not.

And he received intellectual support from the Canadian economist Prof Mundell, who helped lay the intellectual groundwork for Europe's single currency.

"I must say that I agree with President Nazarbayev on his statement and many of the things he said in his plan, the project he made for the world currency, and I believe I'm right on track with what he's saying,'' Prof Mundell said, adding the idea held "great promise''.

Mr Nazarbayev and Prof Mundell urged the Group of 20 leading developed and developing economies to form a working group on the proposal at their summit on the global economic crisis in London on April 2.

"We should deliver our thoughts and the thoughts of this conference to the leaders of those countries,'' Mr Nazarbayev said, referring to the G8 and G20 nations.
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Mr Nazarbayev, who has held his post since Soviet times and has seen his oil-rich state hit badly by the crisis, unveiled his proposal last month and said yesterday the UN should oversee the currency's introduction.

Though a boost for what might seem an other-worldly plan, Prof Mundell has previously suggested single currencies are only appropriate for countries with similar economies.

Mr Nazarbayev's coining of "acmetal'' combines the Greek word "acme,'' meaning peak or best, and "capital.'',27574,25173145-401,00.html

March 10, 2009
Article from: Agence France-Presse

KAZAKH President Nursultan Nazarbayev has called for the creation of a single world currency called the ``acmetal'' to fight the global financial crisis.

``In our view, we must create a single world currency under the aegis of the United Nations,'' Mr Nazarbayev said, a day before a major economic conference opens in his Central Asian country.

``We must make a transition to an absolutely new global currency system based on legitimacy and, in view of all countries, one single monetary system,'' he told a meeting of the Eurasian Association of Universities.

This is the first time Mr Nazarbayev has spoken publicly about the need for a single world currency although he has previously written about it.

He first called for the creation of a world-wide currency, to be called ``acmetal'' _ a combination of ``acme,'' a Greek word meaning the peak or the best, and ``capital'' _ in an article published last month.

In the article in Russia's Rossiskaya Gazeta, Nazarbayev suggested that once a single currency system was in place, the world might consider changing the term used to describe global finance from ``capitalism'' to ``acmetalism''.

Kazakhstan, an energy-rich Central Asian state, has enjoyed growth rates of up to 10 percent over the last years but it has been hit, like its ex-Soviet neighbours, by the credit crunch as well as the dramatic fall in oil prices.

Last week, the president introduced an additional 600 billion tenge (3.15 billion euros, 4.0 billion dollars) in public spending programs intended to spur growth in the ex-Soviet state's sputtering economy.

The annual Astana Economic forum, held in Kazakhstan's new capital Astana, brings together economists and representatives to discuss the economy. The focus this year is to be on weathering the global crisis.
CNBC Analyst: Global Bank, Global Currency Within 15 Years

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