Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Few Things the U.S. Should Do If It Hopes To Survive: Your Thoughts?

I posted this as a reply to another blog entry but thought I'd add it here as well.

I think the US needs to do several things (not necessarily in this order).

What do you think?
What would you add or remove from my list?

1. Immediately pull out of ALL wars.
2. Immediately declare our absolute support for our established allies, starting with Israel.
3. Immediately pull out of the UN
4. Immediately declare the Federal Reserve a terrorist organization and return control of US currency to the Congress.
5. Remove Obama from office because he is not a natural born US citizen (nor even a citizen) and hence is ineligible to be president.
6. Repeal the Patriot Act.
7. Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security.
8. Triple the taxes on ALL US companies that outsource jobs and add a hefty tax on all imported items owned by U.S. based companies or companies formerly based here.
9. Immediately restore Habeas Corpus protection.
10. Restore the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.
11. Convict and remove ALL sitting members of the US Supreme Court for High Treason for allowing Bush and Obama to act as President and for approving anti-Constitutional measures.
12. Remove all members of Congress who voted to support the illegal agenda of Bush and Obama (which would include almost all of them except possibly Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinitch
13. Fire ALL local police chiefs, sheriffs, fire chiefs, mayors etc. who have allowed the US military to use their positions of trust illegally.
14. Restore Posse Comitatus
15. Return the US economy to the gold and silver standard.
16. Remove ALL aid from ALL countries that refuse to recognize Israel's sovereignty and right to exist.
17. Reaffirm and re-implement the sovereignty of the U.S. States.
18. Outlaw abortion except in cases where the mother's life is absolutely threatened and charge all future abortionists and those who utilize them with first degree murder.
19. Stop ALL immigration into the US until we regain control of our nation economically and security wise.
20 IMMEDIATELY begin deporting ALL illegal aliens from the US (after imprisoning those who are guilty of other crimes as described by US law).
21. Immediately secure all US borders.
22. Outlaw the selling of critical US interests to non-US citizens or companies (including toll roads, ports, prisons, water systems, health care systems etc.).
23. Establish a commission to review all US laws and confirm they are harmonious with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and intelligently appeal those that are not.
24. Abolish the IRS (almost the entire US tax system is illegal).
25. Restore the free media by outlawing media monopolies and government censorship.
26. Immediately pull the US out of NATO
27. Declare English the only official language of the U.S. and require English proficiency of all US citizens and applicants for citizenship.
28. End ALL government interference in the practice of religion
29. End ALL government attacks on religion and religious faith
30. End the granting of "human rights" to corporations and hold the leadership of the companies legally responsible for what their companies do.
31. Allow teachers to teach without federal oversight and dictation.

This would be a good start... Of course much more needs to be done...

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