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The Global Betrayal Begins: The London G-20 Push to Destroy National Sovereignty!

The Global Betrayal Begins:
The London G-20 Meeting Pushes to Destroy National Sovereignty!

What will come out of this G-20 Meeting?
As usual, we don't know.

What we DO know is that they will be discussing the possible implementation of global currency, the further disintegration of European nations, the further implementation of the North American Union, effective ways to force the UK to surrender its remaining sovereignty to the EU... and of course how to most effectively surrender Israel to al Ikhwan.

While SOME people are opposing this global treason against humanity, others are begging for world government! BUT Many of those trying to oppose world government are playing right into the hands of the Elite!

Here's a Reuters story of interest. I comment on this propaganda piece throughout. All emphases are my own. My comments are intended. As always, your thoughts are requested:

G20 marches begin week of protests in Europe


By Catherine Bosley and Nick Vinocur Catherine Bosley And Nick Vinocur

LONDON/BERLIN (Reuters) – Thousands of people marched in Britain, France and Germany on Saturday to protest about the global economic crisis and urge world leaders to act on poverty, jobs and climate change at a G20 summit next week.

Chanting "tax the rich, make them pay," protesters marched through London waving banners saying "People before Profit," at the start of a week of protests that reflected growing public anger over bankers' pay and their role in the crisis.
    [Consider what this means... Just like so-called liberals and progressives are often siding with Hamas and al Ikhwan around the globe against Israel, so too the deceived "Sheeple" are marching for their own enslavement here!

    "Tax the rich" sounds great until one stops to think about what this really means...

    These "rich" are the people providing the jobs, the services, etc. The truly rich and powerful don't pay taxes and won't be touched by the added taxation... negatively that is... but the new taxes will go into their pockets making them ever richer and more powerful!

    This is just another move to appease the drones and increase the two class society: the uber-rich and the poor. And how are these mislead change-advocates wanting this to be accomplished? By global rule and global taxation by the global Elite.]
Leaders from the world's 20 biggest economies meet in London on Thursday to discuss how tighter regulation of financial markets, billions of dollars in stimulus measures and credit lines for international trade can help the world economy recover from the deepest recession since the 1930s.
    [Which recession was caused by the same people as this one as a deliberate ploy to rob the world and consolidate power. "Those who refuse to remember the past are condemned to repeat it!"]
In Britain, trade unions, aid agencies, religious groups and environmentalists joined together under the slogan "Put People First" to demand leaders agree to reforms to make the world's economy fairer.
    [Sounds nice enough eh? Please, protect us from these hard times Mr. Banker! But consider this: What gives this group of unelected bankers and their puppet presidents and congresses the authority to do this!!! The supporters of the G-20 and even many of their critics are handing the international banking cartel (read Bilderberg Group, CFR, World Bank, UN etc.etc. i.e. the Bavarian Illuminati, the authority to enslave us all!

    Never forget -- oops too late ;-( -- that Hitler did not come to power as a despot! He rose to power and was embraced by his people because he had the answers! He promised to save Germany and return its former glory! This is the EXACT same thing happening here... with one HUGE exception:

    This time there will be no "Allied Forces" to stop the New World Order of this Fourth Reich! This time one FAR WORSE THAN HITLER will rule without ANY serious opposition from ANY nation!

    Power Corrupts: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely and THIS is what this London G-20 Summit is establishing: ABSOLUTE POWER!]
One group carried a traditional Chinese dragon with the head of a devil papered with dollar bills, calling it "The G20 Monster." Other waved placards reading "Jobs, Justice, Climate."
    [See the deception at work? The Chinese Dragon (unlike Western and Illuminati dragons) are symbols of good luck and new beginnings. THIS symbol supposedly was by people against the Summit BUT the other, with the sign reading "Jobs, Justice, Climate." were crying out to the Elite for salvation -- AND THEY MARCH TOGETHER!

    The people by and large are schizophrenic!!! They don't want the New World Order -- they just want the New World Order to solve their problems!!!!!
    This is madness!]
While the atmosphere was generally carnival-like, some marchers jeered when they passed British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Downing Street offices. Police said 12-15,000 people took part.

"This is going to be a summer of rage for the working class," said marcher Bryan Simpson, 20, a clerk from Glasgow.

The British protest was mirrored in other major EU economies, with about 10,000 people marching through Berlin, some with red flags of the far-left "Linke" party and a black coffin with red flowers to symbolize the death of capitalism.

    [Again, in some ways I can relate! Capitalism has run amok! The people controlling the capitalist systems are fascists, eugenicists and globalists -- but... if we call for "the death of capitalism" with what shall we replace it?

    Enter global corporate fascism... enter world slavery... Enter the Novus Ordo Seclorum!]

    These people are playing right into the hands of the Elite!]

Another 9,000 assembled in Germany's financial capital Frankfurt, police said, as part of a two-city demonstration.

A few hundred demonstrators gathered in central Paris in a protest under the slogan "We will not pay for their crisis."


Brendan Barber, general secretary of Britain's Trades Union Congress, which represents 58 unions, said people around the world were angry about job losses, poverty and inequality.

"It is right to be angry as there is nothing inevitable about this recession," he said. "It was made by all the policy makers of the last few decades who believed that they should let the market rip."
    [Is anyone mad that the G-20 and their Masters are DESTROYING OUR FREEDOMS AND OUR NATIONS? The anger of the people is being skillfully misdirected and hence is largely impotent! They are protesting the wrong things!]
Unemployment in Britain has risen above 2 million, house prices have fallen 11 percent in a year and industrial output has recorded its worst drop since 1981.

While some G20 protesters in London have adopted slogans such as "Hang a Banker" and "Storm the Banks," organizers of the London march said the event would be peaceful.
    ["Hang a Banker!" Oh yes, "Dear G-20 International bankers, please hang a banker for us!!!" Sheesh these people couldn't see their hands in front of their faces!!!

    The Blind are leading the blind!!!]
"We have no evidence that anyone attending intends to disrupt our plans, break the law or commit any acts of violence," said Glen Tarman, chairman of the organizers.

A London police spokesman said there had been no arrests by lunchtime, adding: "It is relatively peaceful so far." Police canceled leave in the capital to cope with further protests planned by anarchists.

Commander Simon O'Brien, of London's Metropolitan Police, said policing the summit would be one of the largest and most complicated challenges in the force's history.

"There is an almost unprecedented level of activity going on," he told a news conference.

(Additional reporting by Noah Barkin in Berlin; Writing by Peter Griffiths; Editing by Jon Boyle)

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