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A Reader Asks: 'I don't believe in any religion, I just want to find Truth.' My Reply

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Seek And Ye Shall Find!

By John of AllFaith © 03.22.09

An visitor asks:

    i don't bewlieve in any religion in this world i just want find the truth acording to my stright mind and balancing with nature please gv me any suggestion

My reply:

Hi J...,

This should be the desire of us all... sadly its not.

Religion, ALL religion, is human created to try and categorize the truths presented by some master (or lineage in the case of Hinduism which has no founder).

The Master (whichever master) said this, that, this and that.

The followers heard what was said and interpreted that, this, that, this and this.

... And a new religion was born. They got some of it right and some of it wrong and they went on from there and established dogma.

The best answer to your question that I have found is to not be a "follower" but a doer. In other words, study the lives of those who have achieved spiritual realization and learn from their examples. Study the scriptures and learn their wisdom. Then as you learn, apply this wisdom to your own life and practice as your Inner Guide (the Holy Spirit, Paramatman -- pick your favorite term) leads you. I call this "AllFaith Spirituality" for lack of a better term.

Master Y'shua (Jesus) for instance spent countless hours in prayer and meditation. Do likewise. He fasted for long periods of time, do that. He carefully studied the Scriptures (in his case the Torah and Tanack) seeking to understand the Will of his Father, study.

Master Gautama (the Buddha) found his "Middle Way" after leaving society and practicing extreme asceticism. Through this experience he was ready to hear the teaching of the Vina teacher to his student, 'String it too tight and the string will break, too loose and it will not properly sound.' Seek balance.

Master Lao Tsu (in Tao Te Ching) discovered the impermanence of the "ten thousand things" and the required balance of Yin and Yang to achieve Tao (perfect harmony), seek harmony.

And so on.

In other words, do what they DID rather than following what others say they taught and trust your Inner Voice to keep you on tract.

    WHY is the "cross of Jesus" important?

    Why is the "blood of Jesus" significant?

    WHY does the Hindu honor the murtis?

    WHY does the Zen master focus on his navel?

    WHY did Master Y'shua consider God to be his Father?

    Why did the Gopis consider God to be their Lover?

    Why did Mother Yashoda consider God to be her Child?

    WHY do the Pagans dance widdershins sometimes but Deosil at others?

    Why don't Sikhs cut their hair?

    Why do Vaisnavas shave their heads except for the sikha (the "pony tail" atop their shaved heads)?

    Why don't devout Muslim men shave their faces?

    Why do the Dervish and Sufis dance?

    Why don't the Amish, Four Square Christians and others dance?

    Why do the Quakers worship in silence?

    Why do the Charismatics and Pentecostals raise such a ruckus of sound when they worship?

    What do the various verses of Holy Scripture tell us when read without the study aids?

And so on... As the Tanack encourages:

    "Come, let Us reason together says HaShem."

Reason with the God of your understanding!

That's why we have this unique ability in the first place!


Ask questions!

Dig deeper!

Seek -- then you WILL find! This was one of Master Y'shua's most solemn promises.

Truth has ever been available for those who seek it.

Seek it.

It is known in many forms.

And always remember, there IS a vital place for religion, for the acceptance of established teachings and creeds. Organized religion gave us education, medicine, alphabets, civil law, ethics and morality, farming, the foundations of science and so very much more. HONOR religion. Defend religious freedom. Respect those with sincere religious faith and seek to never diminish their beliefs or their faith, even as you seek to transcend creeds and dogmas.

Most people are never going to actively devote themselves to seeking Truth. Its just a fact. The vast majority of people, including the vast majority of religious people, focus on their daily lives, on paying their bills, on raising their kids, doing their jobs and so on. They have no inclination to examine these truths in any real depth. And that's OK! We are all here for different reasons!

Judge not lest ye be judged.

Follow YOUR path with love.

Religion can benefit these people immensely.

You have probably read this at my website, but this is what I believe:

God's Garden

by John of AllFaith © 1979

Some folks say they know the truth

They claim they've got it all down,

But I say that such people

Are little more than clowns

For God is far greater

Than anything, we conceive

And so we're only partly right

No matter what we believe

Like Paul we gaze in the mirror

And behold our own reflection

I guess we won't really know the Truth

'Till we attain perfection

The only thing I know for sure

Is that God is Love

My only hope of salvation

Is to trust that Love above

Yah vishva deva

Ki vatika

Hai sair karne

Ke liye

[translation: This universe is God's garden

And it's meant for roaming in]

Om Shanti

(Praise Peace and Pursue it),

    ~ John of AllFaith
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